Opened to the public in 1989 in the fishing village of Caniçal, the museum shows the history of whale hunting in the seas of Madeira.

The Whale Museum is located in Caniçal and bears witness to the entire history of whaling and the activities associated with it. It is one of the most innovative museums of its kind internationally.

Opened in a new building in September 2011, is equipped with a valuable ethnographic/museum collection, which retrieves utensils and past experiences. The museum is an accurate witness to the history of whaling in Madeira throughout the 20th century.

This museum houses life-size models of whales and dolphins and 3D stereoscopic movies.

The institution also promotes scientific research projects on cetaceans and marine life in the seas of Madeira, as well as the collection, preservation and study of the heritage and documentation on the history of whaling in Madeira.